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Star Wars RPG: Galaxy at War

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  • Marca: Wizards
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NEW from Star Wars® Roleplaying Games – Galaxy at War™! From epic battlefields to covert infiltration missions, this book covers everything you need to run a military campaign in the Star Wars universe. Packed with information on military organizations, dangerous battle stations, and the rigors of warfare, Galaxy at War™ presents plenty of new options for players and Gamemasters alike.

This book contains new material from the breadth of the Star Wars saga, including a wealth of new information based on the hit animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars™. Create a hardened squad commander, a hand-to-hand combat specialist, a cunning military officer or one of many other character possibilities and join the fight!

  • The perfect gaming supplement to Star Wars™ Miniatures: Galaxy at War™
  • Guides to creating fortresses and battle stations
  • New character options for soldiers and other military-minded heroes
  • All-new adventure content

Editora: Wizards of the Coast
Nº de páginas: 224
Autores: Rodney Thompson, Eric Casle, Gary Astleford e Daniel Wallace
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5221-2