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Star Wars RPG: The Clone Wars Campaign Guide HC

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Like Fire Across the Galaxy the Clone Wars Spread


by Rodney Thompson, Patrick Stutzman,
J.D. Wiker

The Clone Wars have begun, and now the great conflicts of this setting can be relived—or told for the first time—in your campaigns. Featuring material drawn from The Clone Wars television series, as well as films, comics, and video games set during the Clone Wars, this campaign guide gives players and Gamemasters the tools to create new heroes and design exciting adventures against the backdrop of galactic war.

  • New talents, feats, prestige classes, equipment, and other options for heroes.
  • Rules for followers, allowing heroes to take command.
  • Advice on running adventures set during the Clone Wars.
  • A mass combat system for resolving large-scale battles in any Star Wars campaign

Editora: Wizards
Idioma: Inglês
Número de páginas: 224 páginas
Acabamento: Capa dura, colorido
ISBN: 9780786949991

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